A message from the EYHA Coaching Director

Hello hockey family! The 2023/2024 season is quickly approaching and we continue to plan what our developmental programs, house league and travel will shape to be in the next several years!

We are looking for coaches that can help continue to evolve our organization and it's future. From part time help, full time house league coaches/assistant coaches to Thunder assistants, we want enthusiastic coaches willing to give to and/or give back to the program they are a part of.

Below are links to the upcoming coaching clinics for those who answer the call of duty.

Please reach out to me at Hoonman9@aol.com for any questions of our opportunities.

God Bless!

Matt Hoon

Links for Mid Am Coaches to Sign Up for Summer 2023 Clinics

These clinics will not be posted on USA Hockey Website

Register by Clicking on the Link Below

Level 4 July 25 & 26 5:30pm


Level 4 July 25 & 26 7:00pm


Level 2 August 22 & 23 5:30pm


Level 2 August 22 & 23 7:00pm


Level 1 August 29 & 30 5:30pm


Level 1 August 29 & 30 7:00pm


Level 3 September 5 & 6 5:30pm


Level 3 September 5 & 6 7:00pm


Clinics will also be posted on the Mid Am web site at www.midamhockey.com

Starting in September, the clinics will be posted at www.usahockey.com under the coaches section