Board of Directors Vacancies

The EYHA Board of Directors currently has vacancies for Vice-President House and for an At-Large House Representative. 

Key responsibilities of the Vice-President House include overseeing the operation of the House program, and with the At-Large House Representatives will establish, promote, and manage developmental programs for new players.

Key responsibilities of the At-Large House Representative include assisting the Vice-President House in organizing, managing, and running the house program. At-Large house representative is a non-voting board position,unless representing the House program in the absence of the Vice-President.

Board members are expected to attend at least 50% of the meetings. Monthly board meetings normally occur in the evening on the first Wednesday of each month.

Interested persons should review the full position description in the By-Laws and submit their name and a bio to and no later than December 21, 2023. Election to these mid-term vacancies will be by the Board of Directors.