EYHA Statement on Neck Laceration Protection

Dear EYHA Members,

There are some teams and associations within the state that have a requirement taking effect soon for teams and players within their associations to wear neck guards. As you are most likely aware, USA Hockey communicated that they encourage players to wear neck guards and other cut-resistant undergarments, and in January will be visiting the topic of whether to mandate neck guards. The EYHA continues to strongly encourage all players to wear neck guards. In consideration of a potential requirement from USA Hockey, and understanding that neck guards are currently difficult to obtain due to strain on supply resulting from high demand, the EYHA encourages you to give consideration to ordering a neck guard at this time. While it is not a requirement, nor do we know with any certainty if it will be, it is something for you to consider in the event USA Hockey implements a requirement within the coming months, and most importantly in the interest of player safety.


Angie Casbon-Scheller