EYHA Statement on Neck Protection

Dear EYHA members,

The tragic passing of Adam Johnson on Saturday, who was playing for the Nottingham Panthers, has heightened conversations around neck laceration protectors. USA Hockey has sent communication on this matter to all affiliate presidents in response to this tragic event this past weekend.  The full communication from USA Hockey can be read above.

USA Hockey continues to recommend a neck laceration protector for all players that covers as much of the neck as possible, along with cut-resistant socks, sleeves, or undergarments. In addition to the recommendation from USA Hockey, the EYHA STRONGLY recommends that all players wear neck guards for all EYHA on-ice activities.

The USA Hockey Safety and Protective Equipment Committee, guided by Dr. Mike Stuart from the Mayo Clinic, USAH's chief medical and safety officer, has regularly studied neck laceration protectors and is continuing to work with equipment companies to affect the safest possible environment for all participants.

The USA Hockey landing page on neck laceration protectors can be accessed at Player Safety & Health (usahockey.com).


Angie Casbon-Scheller