Thunder Travel Hockey Tryouts

The EYHA Thunder Travel Hockey tryouts will be held May 6th through May 17th. Each age group will have two tryouts. Please attend at least one of the tryouts for your age group. If you cannot attend either tryout, please contact your coach to setup an alternative tryout time. Cost for each participant is $40.  You can register by selecting "Thunder Tryouts" under the Programs tab on the EYHA website or by following this link: Tryout Registration

10U Coach-Mark Cody:

10U (2014 and 2015 birth years (2016s are eligible to tryout with a signed Play Up Request form*)) May 13th at 5:45pm and May 16th at 6pm

12U Coaches-Matt Hoon:, Michael Long:

12U (2012 and 2013 birth years) May 7th at 6pm and May 14th at 5:45pm

14U Coach-Mike Cotton:

14U (2010 and 2011 birth years) May 6th at 5:45pm and May 9th at 6pm

HS Purple Coach-Robert Howard:

HS (2006 through 2009 (2010s that will be freshman are also eligible)) May 11th 9am-11:15am and May 15th at 6pm

*Play Up Request Forms can be found on the EYHA website at the Play Up Policy Page under the "About" tab. 

If you have questions, please contact Michael Long, VP of Travel Hockey at EYHAVPOFTRAVEL@GMAIL.COM