EYHA House Game Reminder - 10/30/23

-U8 Game Tonight at 6pm

-U10/U12 Game Wednesday, 11/1 6pm

-U14/HS Game Wednesday, 11/1 715pm

-We've Ordered Jerseys with an ETA of 11/15, so we'll have temp jerseys until these arrive.

-Coaches Established Teams and we'll get the list to you shortly.

-Pictures have been set for 1/6, with time and location deliverable to you in the coming days.

-We're working on events to have with the Thunderbolts, which will include your kiddo, so stay tuned for this.

-We'll have a fund raising event for House, like they do for Travel, we'll get more details to you on this also.

-Volunteers: As you can see we need them from time to time, with clock management, board setup, coaching, fund raising, organizing, team communication, etc. I wanted to tell all of you how much we appreciate you all chipping in with your efforts. It goes a long long way. With that being said, we'll need a few hands tonight to help set up boards before games and after. It's the only way we can have this. It would also help to have someone as kinda like a team manager or rep that isn't the Coach, to help with things like pictures, fund raising etc. We'll be looking for people on this.

As always, if you have any questions or thoughts, please let us know. I encourage any and all input, good or bad. It's only the way we know to address something or to consider it. The more input we have of yours, the better. Thanks again, see you all tonight!