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Vote using the registration link shown on this page for the EYHA Board of Directors. Per the bylaws "one vote will be allowed for each member" and an "active member is (1) one parent, step-parent, guardian, or other person who pays the membership fee of any USA Hockey registered child participating in the youth hockey programs operated by the association, or (2) any other interested person who pays the membership fee. The term of membership is the fiscal year of the organization."

Registrar Candidate #1

Kris Gordon’s Bio:

I have been active in the EYHA since the 2000-2001 season at the old Swonder building. I began as an assistant coach of the high school Thunder team for a season and a half before taking over as the head coach for several seasons. I have coached travel and house teams at all levels from 8U through high school in the last 23 years with EYHA.  

I currently serve as the EYHA league registrar as I have for the last seven seasons (16-17 through 22-23). I have a good working relationship with the state registrar and an exceptional knowledge of all USA Hockey guidelines, procedures, and regulations. I am happy to continue in this service for the upcoming election cycle. 

Registrar Candidate #2

Marc Schiele’s Bio:

I've served the board in various capacities including Vice President of House and Risk Manager. I'd like to take on a position that allows me to develop and maintain the partnership between EYHA and USAH.

Registrar Candidate #3

Jennifer Watkins’ Bio:

My son is finishing up his second year of travel hockey, and he played a year of house league prior to that. Having no prior hockey exposure before that, I quickly fell in love with the sport and the EYHA community. This year I have expanded my involvement with the inner working of things and been his travel team manager. I have loved being a part of things and would like to do more. Being behind a computer and working with spreadsheets is where I thrive, so the position of Registrar seems like a great fit for me. I would love to use my time and experience to benefit EYHA in this way. My prior experience includes serving on the Ohio Township Fire Department Auxiliary board as both VP and Secretary for a total of 6 years, and the JH Castle PTO board as Secretary for 2 years.

Marketing Director Candidate #1

Erin Drone’s Bio:

Although this is my first year in the EYHA community, I would like to get more involved in the organization that my son and family have grown to love so quickly. I have a Bachelors Degree in Marketing from the University of Evansville and have gone on to spend the last 10+ years in Advertising and Outside Sales. I have experience in working with small to larger companies to gain their commitment in sponsorships when I worked as a Regional Sales Manager for Logonation, Inc. In my most current role with Myriad Genetics, I have experience in creating flyers and newsletters that have been proven to be impactful in nature. Along with that, I am experienced in planning small to large events and have assisted greatly in the planning of the most current 8U Jamboree to be held in March. With my given experience in the Marketing field, I also come to the Board with many ideas on how to promote the EYHA to gain higher participation and sponsors. For example, frequent fliers to the school systems for student engagement, more frequent social media postings to gain engagement from followers, and work with current and new sponsors on increased visibility to gain more funds for the EYHA. I appreciate the time and consideration for my candidacy as the Marketing and Sponsorship Director. I welcome any and all questions that you may have as the process moves forward.

Marketing Director Candidate #2

Jennifer Hills’ Bio:

Jennifer Hills graduated from Indiana University with a Business degree in Information Systems in 1997 and has worked in corporate IT for the past 25 years. She and her family have been part of the EYHA community since 2011. Her two boys, Milo (15) and Oliver (12) have both been in skates since they were 4 years old. In the past she served as Fundraising Director for the Holy Rosary Totten Hall PTO Board.

Travel Rep Candidate #1

Eric Deckard’s Bio:

My son is Gavin Deckard and plays on the Thunder 10u White team. 

I was formerly on the Board of Directors as a house Rep and VP for house league until I needed to resign because of my military service calling me away in the Summer or 2021. With that being said, I am currently deployed in Iraq, but will be returning home around the end of the Summer this year. If I was selected for the position I would be able to communicate/ attend meetings via zoom and email until I return home at the end of the summer. 

I was a Representative for the houses leagues a few years ago before taking on the VP of house league before I had to resign. 

I am a Level 2 certified USA hockey coach with experience running and coaching at the 8u level for house and travel. 

Travel Rep Candidate #2

Evan Quinley’s Bio:

We have been in the association since 2021, when my son, William joined the 10U Thunder in the '21/'22 season. Our experience with EYHA has been amazing, and I would like to help others have similar experiences through my participation on the board.

To tell you a little about myself and my family:

My wife (Liza) and our two boys (Will 11 and Lincoln 7) are originally from Tennessee. My job took us from Tennessee to San Antonio, Texas in 2016. In 2018, we moved here so I could take a role at Alcoa in Newburgh. In 2019, I became the plant manager for the Alcoa site, and later transitioned to Kaiser Aluminum after Alcoa sold a portion of the plant. I am currently transitioning my role to focus on large capital projects and Industry 4.0 technology deployment, while I pursue my MBA.

Liza and I currently live in Owensboro. There, I have coached house league hockey for the past three seasons for the OYHA. In addition to coaching, I also served a term on the 2021/2022 OYHA Board of Directors as Coach-In-Chief. My responsibilities included handling coordination of coach selection, addressing issues, and educating new parents on hockey basics for both travel and house teams. Will started playing travel hockey in the 2020/2021 season for the Puckhogs. He worked hard and made the 10U Thunder the following year. There was no question in his mind about making the move across the river. He played in the EYHA Spring house league in 2022. This season he is a forward on the 12U Thunder. Lincoln will start travel hockey next season. This Association has been incredibly supportive of Will's development as a hockey player, and especially welcoming to our family. As a family, we hope my participation on the EYHA Board will help show our appreciation for the Association.

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