Thank you from Rudolph's Revenge

The Rudolph’s Revenge Tournament Committee would like to acknowledge everyone that made this past weekend’s tournament possible. First, we would like to thank our title sponsor Turoni’s Pizza for their continued support. We want to thank all of the individuals and companies that made donations for our silent auction. Next, we want to thank Camron Cotton and all of the referees that worked games for our tournament. There is no more thankless job in hockey than refereeing and all of you did a great job this weekend! We want to thank Nick, Andrea and the entire Swonder Ice Arena staff. Between the early mornings to set up, constant cleaning and almost constant ice cuts, your staff did an outstanding job keeping Swonder looking great. You are a great partner to our tournament and we look forward to doing this again with you next year. Thank you to Robert at Icehouse Treats for being accommodating and understanding to our tournament while also providing outstanding concessions. To all of the players, coaches, managers and parents of the participating teams we truly appreciate your involvement in our tournament. We look forward to having you back next year. Thank you to Jessica and Steve Heerdink at the Puck Hut for all of the time, energy and donations you made to the tournament. Finally, thank you to all of the volunteers that made this weekend possible. Without you, Rudolph’s Revenge could not happen.